"You are the cause of my euphoria~"


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Phori - 22 y/o - Non-binary
Digital Artist - Gamer - OC Artist - Fan Artist - Writer in practice - Animal Lover

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About Me

Hey, I'm Euphoria! I'm an artist who's still trying to improve on my art day by day. One of my main inspirations is my big sis! My interests include drawing, creating OCs, writing, RP (shy about it though), gaming, pastel and dark colors, listening to music and I listen to a LOT of my favorite boys TXT and BTS! (Moarmy) I also love taking care of others and those important to meI loooove animals and I love my big pup Ebony so, so much~ Watching BTS, TXT and animal vids are my safe places along with my wonderful soulmate and big sis~You may or may not see me on social media much. I'm fairly new to it all. I'm pretty introverted and shy around people especially new people so please bear with me. ^^;I seriously don't mind making new friends! I actually would be happy to! Anyways, thank you for taking time out of your day to read all of this!

Commission Info

Please DM me if you're interested~

  • Full Body - $100

  • Waist Up - $80

  • Bust Up - $60

  • Semi-Chibi - $70

  • Chibi - $35

  • Emotes - $50 (for 3)

  • Character Ref Sheets - $150+ Depends on the prices above or complexity

  • Background - Depends on the complexity

If you would like any additional characters then it'll be half the original price.Backgrounds that are complexed may cost extra.There's a limit to what I can and cannot draw. I'm still in the process of improving on my art, but I'll let you know if I'm able to draw exactly what you're requesting!I only accept payment through PayPal!The things I will NOT draw are any strange fetishes, nsfw, hate art, mecha, and extreme gore.Term of Service1. I have the right to turn down any commissions if I feel uncomfortable with it's content.2. Do NOT steal my art! Anyone who does will be blacklisted and reported.3. Do NOT redistribute my art for profit, and do NOT repost or trade my art without my consent!4. You are NOT by ANY means allowed to claim MY art as yours or as the original artist of the piece.5. You are allowed to claim the OCs you request for me to draw but obviously not the art itself as yours. Please credit me as the artist.6. I AM allowed to stop sales and require credit over MY art if you're using it and redistributing it. I should have the rights of full payment PLUS a percentage of any profits you make off of MY art. After all, it's MY copyrighted content you are using.7. Any commissions you request from me are for personal use. Meaning my artwork can NOT be used for commercial purposes without being stated and agreed upon. NO using my artwork on merchandise if you're planning on selling my artwork.Thank you for stopping by~!Discord: Promise#6332